A Response to Upworthy’s Venn Diagram Infographic

The other day the Romney campaign released a graphic showing how Obama had failed on his promise to lower healthcare costs.

Instead of contesting the facts on the diagram, liberals instead decided to mock Romney by saying that it wasn’t a true Venn diagram. They created their own graphic to try to school Mr. Romney.

Unfortunately, there is a problem with their response. The Romney campaign graphic doesn’t actually claim to be a Venn diagram. John Venn developed the Venn diagram in 1880. People used overlapping circles to represent things before 1880, and they still do today. Just because something has overlapping circles doesn’t make it a Venn diagram.

The diagram does, however, make it very easy to see where Obama fail short of his promises. Since they can’t debate the facts of the issue, liberals have to try to distract you with nonsense.

If they really want a Venn diagram, though I’m sure we can come up with one:


Update: Linked by both The Looking Spoon and IMAO

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