A Couple of World Cup 2014 Graphics



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President Obama and Gay Marriage

President Obama says that he wants gay people to get married. Marriage is a religious institution. So…

…why is President Obama trying to force religion on gay people?

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Miss me yet?

Made this last year. It was funnier then.


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A Response to Upworthy’s Venn Diagram Infographic

The other day the Romney campaign released a graphic showing how Obama had failed on his promise to lower healthcare costs.

Instead of contesting the facts on the diagram, liberals instead decided to mock Romney by saying that it wasn’t a true Venn diagram. They created their own graphic to try to school Mr. Romney.

Unfortunately, there is a problem with their response. The Romney campaign graphic doesn’t actually claim to be a Venn diagram. John Venn developed the Venn diagram in 1880. People used overlapping circles to represent things before 1880, and they still do today. Just because something has overlapping circles doesn’t make it a Venn diagram.

The diagram does, however, make it very easy to see where Obama fail short of his promises. Since they can’t debate the facts of the issue, liberals have to try to distract you with nonsense.

If they really want a Venn diagram, though I’m sure we can come up with one:


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Anti-Obama Bumper Stickers

The other day I had some ideas for some bumper stickers. I’m no artist, but I tried to put my vision onto canvas…er…pixels.

I think the message in the first one is something that everyone can agree on. Conservatives will agree that Obama is a bad president and liberals will have to concede that body odor does indeed smell bad.


Then there’s:




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General Motors Announcement

The Obama campaign recently announced their new slogan: “Forward”. Not long afterwards, General Motors, still largely owned by the government, held a press conference to introduce their next car: the “Chevy Forward”. In keeping with the name, it won’t go in reverse. It also won’t turn right.

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NSF and Shrimp Treadmills

Recently the National Science Foundation was scolded in a report by Sen. Tom Coburn for, among other things, spending $500,000 to put shrimp on treadmills. Today the NSF responded with a press conference. Below is a transcript.

Okay, let’s get started. My name is, Bill Loney, I’m the directory of research here at the National Science Foundation. As you’ve heard, the NSF recently spent $500,000 on treadmills for shrimp. Now I know several of you have been asking “How could a treadmill costs that much?”. Well, you see, the answer is that the treadmills themselves really didn’t cost that much…only a few thousand dollars or so. The bulk of the cost went into developing a machine that we called “The Mini Maker”. This is a device capable of shrinking any inanimate object to a much smaller size. We then used the Mini Maker to shrink the treadmills so the shrimp could ride on them.

Any questions?

Reporter: How much did it cost to build this shrinking machine?

Let me see, I’ve got the paper with the numbers here somewhere…here it is…$259,294 and twenty three cents.

Reporter: What happened to the rest of the money?

It was spent on destroying the shrinking machine.

Reporter: You spent all that taxpayer money on a revolutionary scientific breakthrough — and then destroyed it?!?!

Yes, the EPA declared that it was bad for the environment — too many harmful emissions.

Reporter: (Speechless)

In hindsight, we probably could have saved some money by going with cheaper treadmills, but the grant money was already there, so we went for the deluxe models.

Reporter: Did you get any useful scientific data from this?

Yes. We learned that shrimp that haven’t been on a treadmill taste better than shrimp that have.

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